Sunday, March 04, 2012

Disney World 2012
It has become a given that Tyrus goes to Florida whenever he has a break.  He LOVES it down there with Grandma and Grandpa and starts counting down to his next trip as soon as he gets home.  We knew that he was out of school for Winter Break the week of February 20th so we were already planning on going down for a couple of days and leaving him down there when we left to come home.  Unfortunately, we had a change of plans when my bank was taken over by the FDIC and bought by Hamilton.  I wasn't able to take time off. 
The plans changed to me and Mama meeting in Valdosta on Saturday to make the switch.  Tyrus would go to Florida from Saturday to Saturday...the longest time we've been without him.  A few weeks ago Grandpa called and asked if he could take Ty to Disney.  I was supportive of the idea because I thought I would be able to go.  I wanted so badly to experience his first Disney trip with him.  It came down to making a decision.  Do I let him go and experience it without me or do I make him wait until I can be there too (which I have no idea when that will be).  I thought it was pretty selfish to ask him to wait.  He is at such a perfect age to experience the magic of Disney.  It broke my heart to think about missing it, but it broke my heart more to think about him missing it.  He is getting older everyday and everyday he is understanding more and getting smarter.  If we waited a few more months he may not have that magical feeling anymore.  It was time and Grandpa and Grandma were ready to give him the time of his life!! 
The only stipulation that I had was that they had to take 300 pictures a day.  :)  That wasn't too much to ask, you think?  Well, they did not disappoint.  Not only did they give him probably the best experience of his life, but they took enough pictures to make me feel like I didn't miss any of it.  And now, to hear him tell me about all the pictures, it is so exciting
to him and me.  Seriously, over 2 days they took 215 pictures of my sweet boy.  So, the update may take a few days to get right, but I am so excited to document this, not only for him, but for Grandma and Grandpa too.  He will never forget this Grandma and Grandpa.  Thank you for giving him this memory...

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