Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Story Of A Friendship

This is Ty's newest little friend Carson.
When Tyrus started school this year he would occasionally tell us about people in his class. Everyday I would ask him who he had played with that day and pretty soon it was always Carson. I didn't know who Carson was and had never even seen a picture of him. I just knew that Tyrus liked him and spent a lot of his extra time at school with Carson.
When I went in for Ty's conference Ms. Reagan mentioned that Tyrus and Carson were friends, but she also said that she thinks that they are "good" friends. I took that as they aren't bad influences on each other. Fast forward a few days and it is the night of Ty's school Fall Festival. The four of us go. We are walking around enjoying the evening and Tyrus would get yelled at by someone, "Hey Tyrus" or Tyrus would yell out "Hey Candace!" It was really cool to see him interact with his friends. At one point we finally ran into Carson. I didn't think anything about it. It was just another one of his classmates. Neil, myself, and Carson's Dad were all standing together watching the kids in the petting zoo. I did notice that Tyrus and Carson got along really well. After a few minutes Mary and I left the petting zoo and went to a bouncy house. When she finished bouncing we walked back over. When we got back Carson's Mama, Christy, had joined Neil and David. I walked up and Neil gave me this weird look like he couldn't wait to tell me something. He said, "Guess what?" I said, "What?" He said, "They live in our neighborhood." I really couldn't believe it. I think my mouth hit the dirt. We had lived there for two years. How in the world did we not know that another little boy Ty's age lived just a few houses down. In fact, we drove past their house at least twice a day! I was so excited for Tyrus. Now he had a new friend in his class and at home.
A few days later I sent Christy a text inviting them to Mary's birthday party. David, Christy, and Carson came and Tyrus was so happy. The boys get along really really well. Since then we have gotten together a couple of Sunday afternoons. The boys have "Guy Time" and Christy and I have time to chit-chat. It is really nice.
They actually spend almost every waking hour together. They ride the bus together, they are in the same class, they both go to after school, and sometimes we see each other outside. Still, they never want to leave each other. I always find myself telling Tyrus, "You will see Carson in 10 hours! Now let him go home!"
Everything about this makes me happy. Tyrus and Carson get along so well. Christy and I get along really well. I hope this goes on for a long time.

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