Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Babies,
I found myself thinking about the two of you this morning as I was driving into work. I couldn't remember if I had hugged you or kissed the top of your head. If I had, was the hug tight enough or did you even feel the kiss? The mornings have been insane around our house lately. However, I couldn't ask for better kids the last 3 days. You both deal with a crazy busy Mama so well. Mary, did you sneak on the blog and read that letter that I wrote to you last week? Somebody must have read it to you because you have made a 110% turn around this week. You are like "Super Mary" and it is such a pleasure. I love it when, as we are walking out the door, you turn around and proclaim, "Mama, I had a good morning!" You are so proud of yourself and I am so proud of you sweet girl. Tyrus, you amaze me. You are so chill and go with the flow and you make things so easy. I think you know that sometimes Mama needs a break. I was thinking about you this morning as I was driving and I regret not spending 5 or 10 minutes cuddled in the bed with you this morning. I know you would love that one on one time, but I always think I'm too busy to do it. I regret that I only sang you one song last night instead of two. Does that make you feel like I don't love you enough. I really hope not because nothing would be further from the truth.
I know that the two of you won't be able to read this for a while, but I want you to know that, as busy as our morning are these days, I do cherish every single minute. I'm sorry if I'm always rushed and grouchy. I hope you know that when I hug you a little too tight it is because I want you feel it and know just how much I love you. Nothing in this entire world is more important than the two of you. I am really going to try to love on you more and take the extra minute. I don't ever want to have another morning where I can't remember if I hugged you or not. I hate that.
But I love the two of you...more than anything.

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