Thursday, October 27, 2011

His Ant Farm

Tyrus loves anything that has to do with science, animals, experiments, etc. So, Neil bought him his very first ant farm today!! Tyrus was so excited to watch the ants make their village in the gel. I love the next series of pictures because it depicts perfectly how Mary LOVES to rain on Ty's parade these days.
1.) Tyrus is so excited about his ant farm. He says, "Mama, take a picture of me with my ants!" Meanwhile, in the background, Mary sees that Tyrus is excited about something and wants to join in on the fun. See her?

2.) Mary walks up and tries to grab the ant farm. Tyrus, mid smile for his picture, pushes Mary away while saying, "Mawy!! This is MINE!!" He calls her "Mawy" when he is really mad.

3.) Mary is satisfied and proclaims that her work here is done.

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