Monday, October 24, 2011

Finally Carson arrived!!

Here it comes...

One last shot of our big boys...

They had the entire bus to themselves. We are not sure if there were more pick-ups before they got to school, but we don't live very far away. They planned on eating breakfast at school too.
Some on my clearest memories from growing up in North Shore are of times at the bus stop with all of our friends. I love it that Tyrus will get to make his own memories with Carson. Carson actually has another bus stop because he lives a little down the street, but I picture them riding their bikes to each other houses and catching the bus. Maybe in about 4 years. :)
When the boys pulled away Mary declared, "Mama, when I grow up I ride the bus too!"
Oh yeah, another cool thing was that we saw a Deer walking around our neighborhood while we were waiting. How many kids can say that? :)

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