Tuesday, September 27, 2011

She Sings (again)

Every night I tuck Mary in. She usually demands that I do it. Occasionally she will "allow" Neil to do it. He loves it when she does. When I tuck her in I put her in her crib and when she is lying down I sweep the hair out of her face and ask her what she wants me to sing to her. Usually it is the same song for about a week and then she may move on to her new fave. Last night nothing was different. I put Mary in her crib and then as I was sweeping her hair out of her face I said:

Me: "What do you want Mommy to sing to you tonight? How about You Are My Sunshine?"
Mary: "Otay. No! I sing it."
She sings: "You are my sunshine, my onwy sunshine,
I make you happy when clouds are gray."

It was just a little sentence but, in her dark bedroom, I smiled as I rubbed her back. I thought to myself that I wanted to remember that moment.

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