Thursday, September 22, 2011

They Are So Different

I am a slacker on pictures lately, but I wanted to include a quick note on how different Tyrus and Mary are when I pick them up in the afternoon. If it were up to me, I would be able to spend every second of every day with both of them. That means I could be in 2 places at one time and I could just sit next to them while they are at school. Unfortunately, that's impossible. So, I have to depend on what they tell me in the afternoon about their day. Here is an example of a conversation with Tyrus:

Me: "Tyrus, how was school today?"
Ty: "I don't know."
Me: "You don't know? What did you learn today?"
Ty: "Nothin."
Me: "You didn't learn anything? Did you go to Art?"
Ty: "No. Mama, you know I go to Art on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday."
Me: "Oh sorry. I did know that. Well, did you play?"
Ty: "Uh huh."

Eventually, he will "leak" information about his day, but I can't really get anything out of him by asking a direct question. He has to offer it up as the evening progresses. I'm fine with that. I'm learning to accept that. :)

Mary, on the other hand, is my little girl that divulges every. single. detail. about her day. I LOVE IT!! Here is an example:

This happened yesterday right after we started driving towards the house. It takes us less than 5 minutes to get to our house from the sitter.

Mary: "Mama, you know what?"
Me: "What baby?"
Mary: "Mary Kate put play-doh in her mouf today!"
Me: "She did? What color was it?"
Mary: "Pink and Purple. Ms. April tell her Play-Doh not food. I didn't put it in my mouth"
Mary: "And Mama, you know what?"
Me: "What?"
Mary: "We sing, Where is Mary, Where is Mary, I right here, I right here... But, we say Where is Caleb, Where is Caleb, first. Caleb goes first.
Mary: "And Mama, you know what"
Me: "What?"
Mary: "I color today. AND I paint today, but my frog picture is drying at school so I not bring it home."
Me: "Well, I'll see it when you bring it home. Is it pretty?"
Mary: "Uh huh, it is. It green. And Mama, I go on the playground and I play with Addison. And Mama, I go poo poo today at school. And Mama, Jaycen cried at school today, but I didn't.

Get the picture? I never have to ask her a question. I just let her talk about her day. I love it that she shares. Sometimes Tyrus will pipe in when she is talking and tell me something about his day. Sometimes Tyrus will pipe in, but their conversation won't even include me. Mary is going to the school that Tyrus went to last year. So, Tyrus will ask her about the playground and what toys she played with. I just listen to that too. I love it...their little conversations. I know this post is random, but I am not exaggerating the conversations that I have with Tyrus and Mary. They are so different.

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