Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Update on Jenn - Monday Morning

This is Shanna again. I talked to Jenn last night. Her fever has been gone for about a day and a half, but the milk has still not drained out of the breast. For anyone that has breastfed and been just a little bit engorged, you can only imagine how much pain she must be in. Since she's been in the hospital they have given her about 4 bags of the first antibiotic, thinking it would be enough to fix whatever was wrong. That didn't work, so yesterday morning they did an ultrasound to see if they could see an abscess or a clogged duct. They didn't see either, so there would be nothing to fix if they did surgery. After the ultrasound the doctor decided to put her on a stronger med called Levaquin, but took her off a few hours later because apparently there is something on the news about how dangerous it is. So as of last night she was on her third antibiotic and was just waiting.

Neil had a good time with the nurse that they had yesterday. She was what she called an energist and asked Jenn if she could try to take the pain away. Jenn said she did her thing (touched her breast and held out her other arm, or something like that), but she did it right before she took a pain pill, so who knows if it worked.

Jenn asked me to add a story about sweet Ty. She said that the day that she got sick she and Ty had a battle over him getting into the bathtub. I don't think Ty has ever done this, but he bit her. She said it didn't hurt, but he got into a lot of trouble over it. Anyway, yesterday Neil was visiting with Ty and told him that Jenn was sick and was in the hospital. Jenn said that Ty got a sad look on his face and said, "I hurt Mama. I bite." My heart melted when she told me this. What a sweet little boy. Hopefully he will get to visit her today.

I'll keep you posted on how Jenn is doing...

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Lisa Veil said...

Thanks for the update! We've been waiting to hear. Jenn, we're thinking about you and hoping you will be well soon. Tim and Neil have been playing phone tag so hopefully they can talk soon. Much love!