Monday, February 20, 2012

I Miss You

It is Monday morning.  Tyrus has been gone since Saturday.  He has done this before, gone to Florida for the week.  For some reason, this time is different.  I think all 3 of our hearts are a little achey this time.  The house just is not the same without him.  It's not any easier with just one.  Mary is the work of 5 kids. :)  My heart started hurting the second I watched Grandma's car pull out of the McDonald's parking lot at exit 39.  I know that these times are good for him though.  He is such a sweet big brother and so many times has to sacrifice because of Mary.  He deserves a week where he rules the roost and I know that Grandma and Grandpa will give him the time of his life.

This morning, when I woke Mary up, she rolled over and looked up at me.  I could tell that she was just trying to wake up.  She rubbed her eyes and then stopped and said, "Mama, I think Tyrus is home."  I told her that he wasn't at home, "Remember sweet girl?  We took him to Florida?"  She got up and said, "I think Tyrus is home.  I'm going to go look in his room."  I picked her up and we walked into Ty's empty room.  When I turned on the light she looked at his bed and you could tell she was dissapointed that he wasn't there.  She didn't say, but I think she dreamed that Tyrus was home.  She misses him so much.  On Saturday I asked her if she missed Tyrus because she couldn't make him mad or if she missed Tyrus because they couldn't play together.  Without hesitation she said I miss him because I want to play with him.  Don't get me wrong...they fight like there is no tomorrow sometimes.  But, I can honestly say that they love each other.  More often than not they can play together.  Mary makes Tyrus laugh and she loves doing that.  I hope that having him not here will make her realize how lucky she is to have Tyrus for a big brother.  She is one lucky little girl.

Another big piece missing is our sweet Lulu.  I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to let her go to Florida for a week.  I think I did it for my Dad.  I know he misses Roo so much and I thought he would love having a mini Roo for a week.  She also needed a break.  She always looks so sad when we leave in the morning.  She just sits here all day and sleeps by herself and the thought of that breaks my heart.  I know she is loving the attention she is getting in Florida.  Mama says that when Daddy and Tyrus are in the back watching t.v. that she will visit them and then get up to come check on her in the living room.  Mama also said that all she does is sleep. :)  As long as she gets some extra love that's all I care about. 

So, today is Monday and Tyrus won't be home until Saturday.  I miss him so much, Mary misses him so much.  Daddy doesn't know what to do without him and Lu.  Our home is just not the same without two very vital pieces currently missing.  I know that these times are so special to Tyrus and to my parents.  I keep telling myself that he is having the time of his life and it makes me feel better, but I still just ache to hold him or to give him a kiss.

I'm just rambling here this morning.  Just wanted to write down my feelings so that Tyrus would know how important he is to me and how it is hard to function without him.  Tyrus, you are so important to our family.  We are ready to have you home sweet boy.  Enjoy your time with Grandma and Grandpa!

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