Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Mary,

Happy Birthday sweetest girl!! Today you are 3 years old! My favorite part of the day is getting to wake you and Tyrus up. I love seeing you asleep and then getting to be the first one to hold you and tell you that I love you. There is nothing like holding a sleeping Mary in my arms. You go from 0-60 in about 2 minutes. You will be sleep and groggy, but before I even get you out of your room you want to get dressed and start your day. I woke you up this morning singing "Happy Birthday" to you and you had the biggest smile on your face...

I say it every year, but I'm going to say it again...I can't believe how fast the last 3 years have flown by. It feels like yesterday that it was 8:49 in the morning on Columbus Day and Dr. Gabriel said, "Good Morning baby girl!" Literally, feels like yesterday.
You have changed so much in the last year. We realized this year that the reason we had so many tantrums from you in the first 2 years is because you've known exactly what you wanted since the moment you were born, you just couldn't tell us. Now you can speak so clearly and explain to us what you want and we have WAY LESS meltdowns. The only meltdowns now are when you want something and we don't agree. You are an extremely opinionated little lady and we struggle with that sometimes. But, it is also one thing that I love so much about you. You know what you want and you will go after it with all your heart. I hope and pray that you always have that quality. That's why it breaks my heart when I can't give you what you want. I feel like every time that happens that I'm taking a little bit of your spark away.
This year you started picking out your own clothes. You are very passionate about this process and we "discuss" every evening and morning your attire for the day. We will often disagree, but a lot of times I let you wear what you want to wear because you are so passionate about it. It's one of those places where I give a little so that you won't lose your passion for fashion. However, you are really great at it!! You will match colors perfectly. In fact, you like to match your shirt, pants, socks, panties, and hair bows (still called rainbows). Don't even think about wearing a blue pair of panties under a pink pair of shorts!

The biggest change in your life this year happened about 2 1/2 months started pre-school! You LOVE it!! I kinda always knew that you would love it. Mrs. Melissa is your teacher, and I think that is why you love it so much. You are one of the oldest in your class and Mrs. Melissa tells me that your closest friend is Addison, you call her "Addie". Addison is younger and you are teaching her how to go potty. Mrs. Melissa also tells me that when you are out on the playground that you would prefer to sit on the bench and talk to her and Mrs. April versus actually playing. They often how to tell you to go play. You are way ahead of your time sweet baby! You know all of your colors, you know most of your letters and can point them out when asked. You know your shapes and you can color inside the lines. You love to sing and you sing all the time. Right now your go to song is "Hush little baby" and "Yes, Jesus loves me". I sing to you every night, but sometimes you like to sing to me. Last night you sang "Hush little baby", but you switched it up and sang, "Hush little Mommy don't say a word, Baby gonna buy you a Mockingbird..."
The other night we were eating dinner at home. You were talking away about your upcoming birthday and Daddy said, "Mary, will you please do me a favor and stop growing up so fast?" You looked at him like you were a 16 year old girl, rolled your eyes a little, and sweetly explained, "Daddy, I have to grow up so I can be a lady. Otay Daddy? I be a lady." Speaking of Daddy, he didn't get to hold you this morning and tell you happy birthday because he left for work before you woke up. So, you called him when you got up...

You love your Daddy so much and I would say you have him just a little bit "wrapped". But, I am very proud of Daddy because he is not afraid to tell you how it is. I think the two of you are a lot alike. Both stubborn and proud. When you do something impressive Daddy gets the biggest smile on his face. He thinks you are a pretty cool little lady, but he misses his sweet little baby too. I think he is going to have a really hard time when you really grow up and start going out on your own. We shall see.
You have also really grown close to Tyrus this year. The two of you are buddies. You get along the best when you are doing something that you know you are not supposed to do. :) I always know to proceed with caution when I can't hear anything coming from a room that the two of you are in together.
I could write about you all day, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of keeping up with this blog all year long. Mary, you are an amazing person and such a beautiful, inside and out, little lady. I admire you so much for your determination to get what you want and I hope, with all my heart, that you never ever lose that fire in your belly. That you always strive to do what is right and stand up for what you believe in. If the first 3 years of your life are any indication of what your future will be like, then I think you are on the right path to do just that.
I want you to always know that I am here for you. I am so proud of the sweet little girl that you are becoming. Sad, but oh so proud. You, Mary girl, make me a very proud Mama. Don't ever forget that and don't ever forget just how much I love and adore you.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweetest girl!


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