Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Mary Girl

I didn't take any pictures this week because it was a normal week of work and preschool. However, this week we were able to focus 100% on our baby girl. She completely ate it up, but would occasionally mention Tyrus and would talk to him on the phone. Even though I didn't take any pictures, I want to remember a few things about this week with Mary.
I think the main thing that I want to remember is the last hour before Mary went to bed. We usually end up in Ty's room reading a few books, but this week we had the opportunity to play in Mary's room. She has several dolls and stuffed animals and she has a wooden crib that was made for me when I was little. My parents refinished it for her for Christmas a couple of years ago. The crib has been in her room since that Christmas, but she just recently started using it with her babies. She has 5 babies that all sleep in this crib, that was made for one baby, together. She piles them all on top of each other and then takes wash rags and covers them, making sure to cover their eyes. She is really talking to her babies and many times this week would get lost in conversation with her babies and Neil and I could just listen to her for a few minutes. These conversations often revolved around one of her babies not listening, or having to dress the baby, or having to put a baby in timeout. We hear, "Baby, listen to me, okay" a lot of times this week. Wednesday night one of her babies was having a rough evening. "Mama Mary", as she named herself, decided that the baby needed to sleep in her closet. So, we made a nice little bed in her closet and tucked this baby in. By the way, my name is "Grandma Mommy". The next morning when I went in to get her I asked her if she wanted to check on the baby that slept in her closet. When we opened the door she said, "Hi baby. Mama, that baby not sleep good. She cry at night." I said, "Oh no, what did you do?" She said, "I sing to her."
Her imagination is really taking off. I love it!
Last night I took her to Wal-Mart for a few things. I forgot how easy it is to shop with just one kid. Anyways, Mary walked away with Hello Kitty sunglasses, Hello Kitty panties, Hello Kitty body wash, and new pajamas. The pajamas were not Hello Kitty because they didn't have any. We also got some groceries. Speaking of groceries, Mary is addicted to macaroni lately. She ate a couple of times this week. Last night at Wal-Mart I asked her what she wanted for dinner and he answer, "Macioni and Cheese!" I told her, "Mary, you cannot live off of Macaroni and Cheese." Her response, "Dora cereal?"
This morning I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready for work. Mary was in there, standing on her stool, talking to me and looking at herself in the mirror. Mid sentence, her voice got a little scratchy, like she had a frog in her throat. She stopped what she was saying and, with her scratchy voice said, "Mama, I'm not talking very well." She was also looking in the mirror with a silly face like she didn't understand. It was really cute. Neil started laughing. I said, "Mary, you've got a frog in her throat." She said, "huh?" I realized, after I said it, that she was probably picturing an actual frog stuck in her throat. I quickly just told her to cough a little bit. She did and then I told her to say something else. Her voice was fine and all was well. I've giggled to myself every time I pictured her little face of non understanding looking in the mirror this morning. Why does my voice sound funny? I just wanted to remember that silly moment.

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