Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Okay, this is where I started getting nervous. I thought there was no way in this world that Tyrus Benjamin was going to get on that mat and go down this slide head first. No way! I asked the guy at the top if one of tubes went a little slower then the others because this was his first time. He told me that, No, there wasn't a slower tube, but that he would help him...

At this point I can't believe what I'm seeing. Is he actually going to do this?

Oh yeah baby!!

I was even able to catch a glimpse of him at the bottom of the slide...

These pictures are from day 2. When this first happened I was in the tube next to Tyrus. When the guy pushed him down the tube I took off down my tube knowing that, for sure, Tyrus would freak out at the bottom. When I came out of my tube, going very fast, Tyrus was about 10 feet ahead of me. When we came to a stop he had the biggest smile on his face!! He said, "Mama, let's do it again!!" I was so proud of my big boy. We got to the bottom and I started looking for Shan and Lucas. They didn't know what Tyrus had done yet. Tyrus was ready to go up again. He was already carrying his mat back up. I suddenly heard, "Jenn!" and when I turned around Shan and Lucas were there and they were so proud of Tyrus! Tyrus was proud of himself. We all headed back to the top to race together. It was an awesome moment!!

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