Friday, June 24, 2011

Total Loss

We got into a wreck last Saturday. All 4 of us were in the van. We were headed to Home Depot to buy a toilet for the kids bathroom. We were sitting at the red light, first in line, to go straight across the intersection. Neil was driving. When the turning lane, to the left of the van, got their arrow and started moving Neil saw it in the corner of his eye and started going. We hit the man that was making a left turn from the other side of the intersection. We just didn't hit a normal man. We hit an 82 year old man that had survived open heart surgery, brain surgery a few weeks ago, and was delivering a truck load of bread to a local homeless shelter. What can I say? When the Tingles do it they do it right. Totally kidding about that. Neil felt terrible about his mistake and is still yelling at himself for his "stupidity".
Right after the accident I punched Neil. I don't remember doing this at all, but he said it hurt. :) Neil told me to get the kids out of the van and to head over to McDonald's. So, I had Mary on one hip and Tyrus on the other and ran across a busy intersection. The kids didn't really understand what was going on. They hardly realized that we hit anything. I guess those car seats do their job well.
Neil received a ticket. The man's truck had some damage, but was able to be driven away. Ours, on the other hand, had to be towed. Bless Mary's heart, when she saw the van getting towed away she ran to the window crying, "My van! My van!" Tyrus thought the tow truck and police cars were pretty awesome. It broke my heart to see Mary upset over the van. She totally gets that from me. I was a little upset too to see it go.
So, that was Saturday. Six days ago. Yesterday I received a phone call from our insurance guy and he told me that the van was a "total loss". It would cost too much to fix it because the computer needed to be replaced. Some of the wired were cut in the crash.
Today I went over to the body shop to get everything out and to secretly hug and kiss the van goodbye.

The man at the body shop asked me if anyone was hurt. I kind laughed and told him that no, no one was hurt, and that we hardly felt it. His exact words, "Someone is watching over you. That was a hard hit and I'm surprised no one was hurt."
I went to the van and looked inside. My first thought was why couldn't we get into a wreck right after I had cleaned the van? It was a little trashed. I asked the van for a garbage bag so that I couldnt atleast clean it up a little. I felt like that was the least I could do for it. I know, I'm a sentimental dork - just like my Dad.
I also snapped a picture of my favorite part of the entire van...

This was my phone holder. I LOVED it. It made me so happy when Neil brought the van home the first time. I will miss you cell phone holder.
I got our belongings and as I was leaving the man called me back to give me the license plate.

I was shocked that it was totaled. I really thought that we would get it fixed and go on our way. It was like a sudden death to me. I had to get some more pictures. The last picture of our van...

I'll never forget when Neil pulled up into the driveway with a big red bow tied around the van. It was the first car that we purchsed together.
I am, and will forever be, greatful that no one was hurt.

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Bobbie T said...

I'm so glad you guys are okay. I had no idea. Remember...even though they see each other every day, I'm always the last to know. I love the pictures of the worm farm. I'm so glad Tyrus like it. Peyton was determined to get it done in time. I hope we see you soon. I can't believe how really grown up Tyrus looks these days.