Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Dear Tyrus,
Hey Beebop! You are in Florida right now with Grandpa and Grandma and I miss you so much. Just knowing that you are out of the state makes my heart ache a little bit. However, I know that you are having the time of your life!! How do I know this? Well, you have been too busy to talk to me since Sunday night! You are a stinker, but I am so happy that you feel as comfortable as you do in Florida with Grandpa and Grandma. I know that you will only remember a little from this vacation so I thought I would create a little timeline for you to one day read. I have been calling every couple of hours getting updates from Grandma. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011: Daddy and I packed your suitcase and took you over to Mom's house. Grandpa had been up here for a couple of weeks and was leaving in the morning to go home. It was your spring break so it was perfect timing for you to visit. You are officially the first grandchild to knowingly and willingly go to Grandpa and Grandma's house all by yourself! We hung out all day and Daddy and I didn't want to leave. I decided to leave early because Mary was getting so sleepy. You gave me a reluctant hug and told me that you would be okay. I walked out to the van and as soon as I cranked the engine you came running outside screaming, "Mama, I do need a hug!" That made my heart smile. You climbed up in my lap and gave me a huge hug and a kiss and you told Mary goodbye. Mary and I left and then it was Daddy's turn. Daddy did NOT want to leave you. After several hugs from you, which Daddy said were very sweet, he finally left and came home. For the rest of the night you hung out and played with Mom. Daddy had bought you some new toys to take to the beach and you were trying them out before you left. Mom said you went to bed just fine and you slept with Grandpa.

Monday, April 4, 2011: You woke Grandpa up at 6:00 a.m. asking him if he was ready to leave yet! Ha! I think this is so funny since Grandpa has grown accustomed to sleeping until lunchtime! Grandpa did get up and spent the morning getting you ready. Mom woke up and you told her that you were going to wear the same outfit that you wore the day before. You dressed yourself and packed your suitcase all by yourself and you and Grandpa hit the road at about 10:45. The first time I called you were shopping in Forsyth Georgia at a furniture outlet. Grandpa said you really liked the store. I think you spent about an hour there and then headed on. The second time I called y'all were driving and Grandpa had already stopped twice and had bought you skittles and starburst. You hadn't even thought about sleeping. I called again and you were in Tifton and you were about to stop at McDonald's to play. 2 hours later you were still in Tifton and had just started driving again! Grandpa let you play and play! I called again around 4:30 and you were still about 2 hours away. I think you and Grandpa had stopped at every. single. gas. station between Jonesboro and Palm Coast! When I called at 6:00 you were getting closer, but had to sit in traffic for about 30 minutes with a wreck. You had slept for 30 minutes too. I called again at 6:45 and you were in Florida!! However, I didn't talk to you because you never even walked into the house. Grandma met you in the driveway and you immediately said that you wanted to go to the beach! Grandma, of course, took you. :) FINALLY, I called around 7:30 and I heard your sweet voice in the background. You had eaten a sandwich, cheetos, and raisins and you had drank 2 glasses of milk. You were talking a 100 miles a minute. You sounded so happy and confident and comfortable. As much as my heart ached I was smiling because you were so happy. I finally told Grandma to make you speak to me. You told her that you would tell me goodbye. I heard, "Mama, I'm okay. I love you. I'm happy!" then you were gone and Grandma said you had ran outside.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011: I called at 8:45 this morning and you and Grandma were making homemade blueberry waffles! YUM!! You had finally gone to bed at 10:00 the night before. You actually asked Grandma if it was time for you to go to bed. You wanted to sleep with Grandpa so she put you in the bed with him and Roo Roo. You woke Grandma up this morning at 8:00 telling her that you rubbed Roo Roo all night and that she was a very fat dog! :) Once again I heard your little voice in the background. You were so happy!! Grandma said it was a little overcast down there, but she thought it would blow over and the two of you would be heading to beach!! I'm jealous...of you...and of Grandma because she has you. It's 11:30 right now and I'm calling you again on my lunch break!! Love you!
11:36 a.m. - I just called and spoke to Grandpa. Y'all decided to spend the morning at the house because it was so cloudy, but the sun was starting to come out and you were about to go to the hot tub! Must be nice! Grandpa said, "Jenn, he is just so sweet."
2:20 p.m. - You are in the hot tub!! I spoke to Grandma and she said y'all have been to the hot tub, the beach, the pool, the baby pool, the indoor pool, and back to the hot tub. You found some dead jellyfish on the beach and are now obsessed with finding them and scooping them up with your shovel. Be careful!! That makes Mama a little nervous! Grandma said that you have been perfect with the exception of one incident. While she was in the shower you tried to sneak some cookies out of the cookie jar and run outside before anyone caught you. The only thing you didn't anticipate was that the sliding glass door was closed and you ran right into it! Grandma said you cried, but that you are okay. I wish I could be there to hug you and kiss your boo boo. In a little bit y'all are going to head home and you told her you wanted to get in bed and watch cartoons and rest. When you get up then you'll help make dinner. Mary, Dada, and I will call you later! Hopefully you will talk to me tonight! I love you!
5:15 p.m. - You still aren't speaking to me! Grandma said that when her phone rings you say, "I talked to her yesterday!" It makes me happy that you are having so much fun, but it would be a little nice if you missed Mama just a little bit. :) Grandma said that when y'all got back from the hot tub that you got in her bed and rested for about 30 minutes while watching cartoons. Then you helped make dinner, but you weren't hungry because you had a late lunch. Grandma was going to keep your dinner so you could eat it later. You are getting ready to go back to the beach! Grandma said you are READY to go because the sun is out and you are telling them to hurry up and eat. I think Grandpa is going to take you and let Grandma get some rest and clean up dinner.
8:00 pm. - Sweet boy...you are resting on the couch after your busy day. Grandma said that you told her you were going to sleep on the couch, but she is going to put you in the bed. You informed me today that you are staying 5 days. You are such a brave little boy. Grandma said that today you said you wished Mary was there. When she asked you why you said that you knew she would be having fun. Sweet big brother...she will go with you one day. She's still a little too small to be away from Mama and Daddy for that long. Apparently, you freaked Grandma out when you were in the bathtub because you asked her is she was ready to go to Heaven. Grandma just isn't used to your inquisitive questions. She told you, "not today!" Still didn't talk to me tonight...maybe too tired? I love you baby boy! Call you tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011:
10:30 a.m. - You woke up at 7:45 and let Grandma sleep a little bit before waking her up. She said you just played with your truck until she woke up (she was really awake, but just pretending to still be asleep). You decided to sleep with Grandma last night. At 8:30 you told Grandma you were tired and you wanted to go to sleep, but you told Grandma that she had to go to bed with you. Grandma decided to go in there and lay with you until you went to sleep and 10 minutes later she was back out on the couch. You were so tired it took you no time to go to sleep. Two hours later, when Grandma finally went to bed, you hadn't even moved. You have a BIG day planned today...Grandma is taking you to Marine Land!! You just talked to me on the phone and told me you were going to see Dolphins!! I'm so excited for you! Grandma BETTER take some pictures.
3:05 p.m. - Y'all actually just called me!! You were home from Marine Land and you were watching Toy Story 3 - Grandma rented it for you. Grandma said that y'all had the best time at Marine Land. At first it wasn't that much fun so you went to the beach to play on the rocks. Grandma said you played there for over an hour and then went back to see the Dolphins one more time. The second time they were a lot better and one of them even splashed you! I would have LOVED to have seen that! :) She said that you liked watching the Dolphins swim underwater, but when you figured out that you could sit higher and see them do flips that you liked that even more. At one point you looked at Grandma and said, "Grandma, you take me to the best places." When you got home Grandpa wasn't there so right now you are watching Toy Story 3 and when Grandpa gets home you are going to the hot tub and back to the beach. After that dinner time. I love you sweet boy...call you later tonight.
5:05 p.m. - Grandma called me on my way home and the three of you were on the beach. You and Grandpa were sitting at the edge of the ocean so that every now and then the waves would come up and hit you. She said that you were so happy and she could hear you screaming with delight when th waves got you.
8:15 p.m. - We called you and Grandma says that you are watching Toy Story 3 for the 27th time that day! Ha! I probably should have warned her that it would be on repeat until it was returned. :) You weren't tired yet, but she suspected that you would soon get there. You actually spoke to me, but I totally had to bribe you! I found out the white horse's name that we pass every morning and I told Grandma to tell you that you had to talk to me on the phone for me to tell you. His name is Phantom and he can't wait for you to get home! You spoke to Mary too and asked her what she was doing and if she said hello to Phantom. You also spoke to Daddy and told him all about the Dolphins, the rocks, and the beach. At this point I really don't see why you would come home! :) We miss you so much though and can't wait to get our arms on you! Sweet dreams...call you in the morning!

Thursday, April 7, 2011:
9:30 a.m. - Grandma said when she opened her eyes this morning at 7:00 that you were standing right in front of her with your arms crossed across your chest just glaring at her. When she said, "What?" You said, "Why did you leave me?" "Because you were kicking me." "Oh, okay." Then you climbed up into the bed and snuggled for 45 minutes until it was time to really get up. Today Grandpa and Grandma are taking you to the sand pile. When you get finished exploring over there you and Grandma are going up into the attic to see what goodies you can find up there. I hear that there may be some books up there that I used to read!!
4:30 p.m. - Y'all just got home from the sand pile and Grandma said you had a ton of fun. You and Grandpa did a lot of exploring and you even got to walk to a sandbar in the ocean. 3 little boys showed up and Grandma said they looked like locals. They liked you and taught you how to walk to the sandbar, how to catch crabs, and how to property touch a jellyfish. Grandma said y'all left because you were starting to get sleepy. When I talked to Grandma you were watching Toy Story 3 and resting.
8:00 p.m. - I called, but there was no answer. Love you sweet boy...talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, April 8, 2011:
9:30 a.m. - The reason you didn't answer last night is because you and Grandma were at the hot tub and the beach AGAIN! They are going to be sick of the beach by the time you leave! When I called this morning you were getting out of the bath. I guess you found some toys that Grandpa had found on the beach and you wanted to play with them in the bath. All I can say is that if Grandpa found those toys I'm thankful that you were playing with them in the bath! There were no definite plans for today. Grandpa may take you down to Daytona to either go to the Flea Market and look for a John Deer hat or go and ride 4-wheelers on the beach. Personally, I would choose the second one. Grandma said that you were grouchy this morning. Are you finally getting tired of being away from your Mama?
5:30 p.m. - So, you chose the Flea Market. Granpa took you down there and took you to the very back to the toy lady. He gave you $5 bucks and told you that you could get whatever you wanted, but that it couldn't be more than $5. You are so your Grandpa's grandson because you ended up with several little trucks! Grandpa said that you really shopped and compared and thought about what you wanted. After you made your choices you saw something that you wanted more and had to negotiate with the lady to trade you one toy for the one you really wanted. Grandpa was so proud! :) Tonight it is back to the beach!

Saturday, April 9, 2011:
10:30 a.m. - Hanging out at the house with no real plans for the day! Grandma says that you are watching your movie and playing with your trucks. She says that you are so easy and such a pleasure to be around and to have there. Grandma has taken you everyday to Publix to rent a new movie! You are so spoiled, but I am so happy that you have Grandma and Grandpa and that you are so comfortable with them. I know that you have many more memories to make in Florida with them.
8:00 p.m. - You and Grandma stayed super late at the beach!! Grandma said she couldn't see where you were going it was so dark, but that you had a blast knocking down sandcastles.

Sunday, April 10, 2011:
10:00 a.m. - Today is your last day in Florida! Grandma said that when you woke up she explained to you that it was your last day and that you didn't seem too sad. I still can't believe you've been gone for a week! Grandma also said that you would have slept longer, but that Missy woke you up by licking your face! You call her the cow dog now because she is black and white. :) So, I think you are going to take it easy today. Y'all are definitely going to the beach at some point and probably the hot tub. Grandma is going to get all your clothes clean and ready to go.
9:30 p.m. - I cannot believe that it has been so long since I've called! I actually didn't even call. I got a voice mail from Grandpa that said the two of you stayed at the beach until 8:45 and that it was so dark he had a hard time finding their gate. I guess you had walked a long ways down the beach. Grandpa said that you had so much fun!!

Monday, April 11, 2011:
9:00 a.m. - TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!!!!! I get to put my arms around my sweet boy in a few hours!! I'm so excited to see you, touch you, smell you! I cleaned your room and washed your sheets so that you can come home to a nice clean room. I know I always appreciate coming home to a clean room. I haven't called you yet, but I will soon! I love you big boy!!
10:00 a.m. - Spoke to Grandma and y'all are planning on leaving in about an hour. She said that you are fine with leaving and haven't acted out or anything.
4:00 p.m. - You are asleep and Grandma is driving. You are so close to being home. I really just cannot wait to get my arms around you. I am so happy that you had this time away, but I will be so happy to have you home. You get to sleep with Mama tonight. It will be great to have you so close!! Oh yeah, I just spoke to Aunt Shanna and she asked me if Mama had told me the poo poo story. I told her that I didn't think so so she went ahead and told me. Apparently, the other day, you and Grandma went to the beach. Grandma asked you before you left if you had to use the bathroom and you assured her that you did not need to go. So, you get to the beach and get all settled and you tell Grandma that you have to pee pee. They were throwing a party at the close Clubhouse so you and Grandma had to walk all the way around to the big Clubhouse. You use the bathroom and you walk all the way back to the beach. After about 5 minutes Grandma notices you holding your butt and making a funny face...
Grandma: "Tyrus, do you have to poo poo now?
Ty: "Maybe it will go away Grandma."
Grandma: "No, it's okay. Let's just walk back to the Clubhouse so you can poo poo."
Ty: "Okay."
So you start walking over to her. You are hunched over and you have legs pushed together acting like you couldn't walk. You are even holding your butt. And then...
You pulled a fast one on Grandma! When Aunt Shanna told me this I was so surprised, but it made me giggle. You are so funny.
I will see you in about an hour! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

The End

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