Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Desk

I loved my Great Grandmother so so much. We called her "Cookie" and when I was 4 months old, and we were in a terrible wreck, I actually lived with her for several weeks while my mother took care of Daddy and Shanna. Even though I was so young (I was in Elementary School when she passed) I remember being so comfortable around her and always wanted to spend the weekend with her. Some fond memories:
  • She would always set up a blanket and a bunch of pillows in front of the T.V. so I could watch cartoons. She would let me watch them all day and she would periodically bring me peeled and sliced apples in a bowl to snack on.
  • When I would spend the weekend with her I would sleep in her bed with her. I would always tell her, "I'm gonna wake up before you do Cookie!" But, I never did. Not even once. I'm not sure what time that woman got up, but it was ridiculously early. She was always dressed and ready to go by the time I woke up (which wasn't late).
  • I sat on a phone book in the front seat of her car when we went anywhere. :)
  • She would always let me sit on her lap and she would give the best back rubs in the world!! I'm sure that Neil is so very thankful that Cookie made me love back scratches!
  • One day, just for fun, I told her that I wanted peas for breakfast. A HUGE bowl of green peas. When I woke up the next morning there was a HUGE bowl of green peas on the table and cookie was dressed and waiting on me to wake up to eat them. We sat there, each with a spoon, and ate peas. It was still dark outside.

When I see pictures of her it still hurts and when I think about her too much I will get teary eyed...like I am right now. It's crazy how I was so young, but I loved her so much and I still miss her so much.
Anyways, Cookie had this back bedroom that was full of junk. In the corner of this room was this brown desk. I remember going over there and wandering to that room and looking through all the drawers or looking at all the pictures that she had placed under the glass. I loved seeing what she had hidden in there. When she passed the desk was given to me, as-is. I remember crying when I found a handwritten note that she had written to her sister asking why her parents had not called her in so long. It was written the year that she died and her parents had been gone for decades. It made me realize how sick she was. I used the desk for years. I studied for exams in high school sitting at it and I took it to Macon and Athens when I was in college. It's the one thing that I just cannot get rid of. Neil has had to move it 4 times!
Here is my precious desk...

My idea? It's going in Mary's room! I have started on it, but haven't finished it yet. I sanded it and am painting it white...

I was able to go out in the garage a couple of weeks ago and start on it. All of these crazy emotions came rushing over me as I was sanding it. It was crazy and a little spooky because I felt Cookie so much. It was like she was telling me that it was okay. She liked my idea...

Mary is excited too! It's in our garage and when she walks past it to get to the car she says, "My room?" I love that it was a place where Cookie kept her secrets, a place where I kept my secrets, and in the future it will be where my baby girl keeps hers. I love the thought of that!

More pictures, of the finished product, coming soon!

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