Monday, August 23, 2010

His First Day

Tyrus Benjamin has started school!! It's been a week since he started and I think he is still enjoying it. The kids get a very small treat (Skittle) at the end of the day if they made good choices throughout the day. So far, he has come home with or has already eaten his Skittle.
The days leading up to Tyrus starting school were very hard for me. I guess it's that way for all mothers. I honestly was surprised that it made me as sad as it did. I feel like his little life is just flying by and I want it to slow down, but at the same time I do want him to grow and experience new things. Weird.
We tried to make a very big deal about getting all of Ty's school supplies. I was planning on getting him a new book bag, but we ended up finding this in an old box and he loved it...

Mary now has to wake up 3 hours before she would like to in order to get "Bubba" to school on time. She's still just as cute as ever...

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