Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Croupe
Mystery solved! Chris examined Tyrus yesterday and concluded that he has The Croupe. Yes, that is the same thing that put him in the hospital in 2007. However, in 2007 we waited too long and it was too far gone. This time Chris thinks we caught it in time. He is on steroids for five days. This morning Neil and I woke him up early. He didn't have a temperature and acted like he felt better. He still has the nasty cough, but the fever is what really makes him feel bad. He and Neil are at home watching cartoons and taking it easy. I took Mary to Andria's so that she wouldn't be exposed more than she had to be. It broke my heart to have to tell Tyrus that he couldn't kiss his baby last night and this morning. We finally let him kiss her foot and that seemed to make him happy.


Meg Boyd said...

Feel better Ty!

Bobbie said...

Poor baby. I hope he is starting to feel better. It is so hard to keep them from passing it around when there is more than one kid.