Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Best Dada
I'm convinced that Tyrus and Mary have the world's greatest Dada. Neil stayed out of work today to stay home and take care of Ty and Mary. Usually that wouldn't be that big a deal, but both of the babies are really sick and both are running temps. I told Neil this morning that I wouldn't blame him if he packed the babies up and went to his parent's house so that his mom could help him today, but he stayed here all day. He even cleaned the kitchen and folded laundry. I know that I don't tell him enough, but we really love and appreciate him!


Lisa said...

I'm Jealous.

What does he want or what did he buy? lol

Janna and Hank Crane said...

That is terrible!! I hope they are feeling better. Henry started having an upset stomach on Sunday, so I was hoping your kids didn't catch anything. I have taken him to the doctor twice this week (overprotected mama?!?!). He isn't running a fever and doesn't act like he feels bad. Anyway, hope y'all start feeling better!!