Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Valentine

I stole this idea from Shanna.  We were chatting one day this week and she mentioned that last year Lucas took a single rose to each girl in his class.  I LOVE this idea!!  I remember in High School there was a boy that brought two dozen roses to school every Valentine's Day and he would give out one rose to each girl.  I felt so special when the year came that I got a rose.  It may be crazy, but a flower on Valentine's Day means a ton to a girl and it makes them feel so special.  I am going to try and carry this idea on with Tyrus so that it just becomes something that he does naturally.  When I first brought the idea up to him he didn't want any part of it, but about an hour later he reminded me not to forget the flowers when I went to Kroger. :)  We were talking last night and this was our conversation:
Me:  "Tyrus, the reason that I bought you yellow roses is because yellow means friendship.  Red roses mean that you love someone, but if you give them a yellow rose it means that they are your friend.
Tyrus:  "Well, can I give one to Carson?  He's my friend."
Me:  "No because boys don't appreciate flowers as much as girls do.  And Carson already knows that you are his friend."
Tyrus:  "Okay"
Me:  "I want you to remember one thing..no matter how young you are or how old you are, whether you love someone or they are just your friend, you will always have a girl in your life that will love to get a rose on Valentine's Day.  It may be Mama, Mom, Mary, Grandma, Grammy, or someone that you love in the future, you should always get a girl in your life a rose because it makes them feel very special."
Tyrus:  "Okay, I will."

His teacher said that Tyrus was so excited to give his roses out.  I love that he didn't get anything for Valentine's Day for himself, but got so much joy out of giving roses away.  He ended up giving 5 to the 5 girls in his class and the rest of the bunch were split down the middle and given to his teachers.  Mr. Reagan said that it made the little girls very happy.  

I LOVE this sweet boy so much.  That smile just makes me melt.  It's my job to teach him how to be a sweet boy and how to make a girl feel like a princess, but I honestly think it will be an easy task. :)  

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