Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Conversation/Discovery

Setting - Last night Tyrus and I were curled up together in the recliner. We both had our legs pulled up and Lulu was sitting in my lap. She was on her back and Tyrus and I were rubbing her belly. Here is our conversation:

Ty: "Mama, why does Lulu keep closing her eyes?"
Me: "Do you mean why does she blink?"
Ty: "What is blinking?"
Me: "Well, have you ever realized that you blink your eyes too?"
Ty: "No"
Me: "Try to hold your eyes open as long as you can."

Then I sit and watch him try to hold his eyes open. After about 4 seconds, he blinks...

Ty: "Wow!"
Me: "See? You do the same thing that Lulu does."
Ty: "Why?"
Me: "Well, when your eyes are exposed to the world they start to dry out. You blink in order to keep them moist."
Ty: "Oh"
Ty: "Mama? What does expose mean?"
Me: "It means that your eyes are open."

Then we had a contest on who could keep their eyes open the longest. He didn't win, but I wish I could remember how funny he thought it was. Full of giggles...that's my Tyrus.

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