Monday, August 15, 2011

A School First

Ty's Mascot is a Wolf. To reward good behavior the teachers, or any faculty member, gives out paw prints. Every 9 weeks the kids can use their paw prints at a special activity. I knew that they did this, but I haven't asked Tyrus about it yet. Tonight, we were sitting at the table and he said:
"Oh Mama, let me show you something."
He then goes to his bookbag and pulls out his pencil box. When he opened it he pulled this bad boy out...

Me: "Tyrus, you got a paw print!?! What did you do to deserve that?"
Ty: "I was nice to a lady named Candace."
Me: "Is she a teacher?"
Ty: "No, she's a lady in my class." I think he meant classmate
Ty: "She had an orange crown and I politely asked her if I could borrow it."
Ty: "Mama, will you write "Paw Holder" on my pencil box because I am going to have A LOT of paws!!"

He also checked out his first library book last week...

It's a book about a bug that gets stuck in a little boys brain and has to find his way out. Perfect book for Tyrus!

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