Monday, July 04, 2011

While we were sitting the adults kept their eyes on the sky. Every now and then one of us would feel a drop of rain, but never anything to be concerned about.

There were a lot of people there towards the end...

This is how Amber kept the little ones entertained...Mickey Mouse! How did our parents do it?

Right about this time the rain started falling more frequent and the drops started feeling bigger. I'm not sure the kids had even noticed it yet. The adults started talking about it and we figured that with 8 kids and 4 adults we don't want to be stuck in a stampede trying to get to our cars when the rest of Nash Farm decided to make a run for it. So, without seeing fireworks we got up and started walking to our cars. However, a little under halfway out the bottom fell out. We were drenched. The kids were screaming in delight. AND then the fireworks started! It was crazy, but it was fun. We kept running to the car all the time watching the fireworks over our shoulders. I think some of the kids were running backwards.

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