Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Big Day

As a woman I like to plan. I prefer to have things planned out way in advance. A couple of months ago the kids and I were in the car and I casually asked Tyrus what he wanted to do for his 5th birthday party. His response, "I don't know. Nothing." I almost pulled the car over to have an intervention with him. I mean, Mary is still 4 months away from her birthday, but she's had it planned out for 3 months already. By the way, she wants pink cupcakes with pink hearts on them, a pink bouncy house, and a new pink outfit. She also wants Mom to get in her pink bouncy house with her. That's my style. Mary gets me. Tyrus, on the other hand, wants to give me a heart attack.
So, I started throwing out ideas. One was to get a blow up slide and have some friends over to play. His response, "I don't know" and a shoulder shrug. I really started brainstorming. Then, it hit me! Cars 2 was coming out in theaters. It was being released one week after his birthday. Tyrus was OBSESSED with Cars 1. Remember when he watched it 8 times in one day? Tyrus had never been to the movie theater. It was PERFECT!!!!

Me: "Hey Tyrus, guess what?"
Tyrus: "What?"
Me: "Guess what movie is coming out a week after your birthday?"
Tyrus: "In the movie Burator?"
Me: "Yep."
Tyrus: "What?"
Me: "Cars...part 2!"
Tyrus: "Can we go see it Mama!?! That's what I want to do for my birthday!"
Me: "Absolutely! Do you want to take a friend?"
Tyrus: "Yep, Walker and Dalton!"
Me: "Done."

So, the planning began. I had to do a little bit more than just take them to the movies. So, I had shirts made for them with their names and the number 5 put on the back (they are all 5 years old). We also spoke to firefighter Mike and planned a morning trip up to the fire station. Also, Melissa offered to keep Mary for us!! That way we were able to really concentrate on our boy and his friends. His favorite little friends...

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