Thursday, May 05, 2011

3 Years

I really can't believe that it has been 3 years since Pop died. Every now and then, when we are over there, it hurts to think that he never met Mary. Mary would have really given him a run for his money! I would have liked to have seen them together. I know he wasn't perfect and there are memories that I would rather not remember, but we did love him and we do miss him.

Mom, we love you sooooo much and it makes me smile to think about how much you have grown into your own self in the last 3 years. I'm thinking about you today. Both of you.


Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Wow, today is the anniversary. Thanks for the reminder.... it's nice to remember. Love, Shan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm confused...Okay, so is your cockapoo a dog or something, because i don't know. i don't know because i don't know about dogs.