Thursday, April 21, 2011

Computer Games

Tyrus is constantly asking questions. Sometimes I simply do not know the answer. So, we've kinda got into a routine that, if I don't know the answer or even if I do but I want him to grasp it a bit better, we will Google it. He has caught on very quickly to this concept and if I say I don't know he will say, "Can we Google it after our bath?" I think it really helps him to understand. For example, the other day he asked me how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. I explained it to him, but when he watched an actual video of it on youtube he understood it that much more.

This also comes in handy when he is learning a new song at school. If I hear him singing something under his breath I'll ask him about it and then we will find a video of it on youtube. It helps him learn the words and to actually picture the words that he is singing. Also, sometimes I don't know the words and it's nice to be able to sing along with him.

Even though Mary doesn't grasp the entire concept she LOVES watching videos with Tyrus. They both really look forward to it and we've kinda made it a nightly ritual.

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