Monday, March 07, 2011

Sick, Sick, and MORE Sick

Wednesday, March 3, 2011: I come home from work with both kids with the plans to attend a consignment show with our neighbor. I leave the house at 6:00 p.m. While on our way to the show I get a text from Melissa Boone telling me that Walker came home with a 104 degree fever. I also receive a text from Melissa Smith telling me that Joshua has started throwing up. Approximately ten minutes after receiving these messages I get a text from Neil saying that Tyrus is throwing up. By the time I get home Tyrus has thrown up 3 times. He is acting as if he feels better, but proceeds to throw up all over our bed about 30 minutes. Neil and I decided that I will sleep with Tyrus that night and I will stay home with the kids the next day. During the night Tyrus threw up 3 times. Before we went to bed I put a towel on the floor on his side of the bed. When he started gagging and coughing I would wake up and roll him over the edge of the bed. He would throw up on the towel and never wake up.

Thursday, March 4, 2011: Tyrus wakes up feeling much better and never throws up again. I stay home with the kids and Neil goes to work. We have a peaceful day at home and end our day at Salem feeding Ben & Gwen just to get some fresh air. Nobody gets sick on Thursday. We all go to bed in our own beds on Thursday evening with the plans on Neil staying home with the kids on Friday and me going to work.

Friday, March 5, 2011: 5:00 a.m. I wake up and immediately know something is not right. My stomach is in knots. I toss and turn until 5:30 and then get up like I always do. I go downstairs and get a glass of ginger ale. When I come back upstairs I am still not feeling well so I decide to take a bath. My plan was to start getting ready for work after getting warm in the bath. I drink my ginger ale while I'm in the bath. When I get out of the bath I still can't function. I decided to reset my alarm clock for 7:30 and just go into work a little late. I'm thinking I may just need an hour of sleep. At 7:00 Neil gets up and notices that I am still in the bed. He knows immediately that I am sick. I finally start getting sick, but it never ends. It wasn't one of those instances where you feel better after you get sick. I felt worse and was feeling worse by the minute. Neil takes care of me until the kids get up. He takes them downstairs and I call into work. I HATE calling into work. As soon as I hang up I hear Neil getting sick downstairs. So, for the next 6 hours Neil and I took turns getting sick and taking rest breaks. We still had to watch the kids. They both were acting like they felt fine. They destroyed the house, but we didn't care one bit. We just sat on the couch and watched. Neil's Mom calls the Dr. for us and they say that their entire waiting room is full of people with this virus. They call some medicine in for us and Neil's Dad goes and picks it up and drops it off in the garage. They also offer to get the kids, but we wouldn't let them. Around 1:00 we made the kids take a nap and Neil and I both laid down. When I woke up my nausea was gone, but my entire body was aching from being dehydrated. I haven't felt that bad since I had Mastitis after Mary was born. I called Mom and she brought over Gatorade, Juice, crackers, and treats for the kids. THANK GOODNESS for The Tingles and Mom! Neil and I couldn't leave the house. We wouldn't let Mom in the house either. She stood in the garage and talked to the kids through the glass in the door. They thought it was cool. Mary was a ticking time bomb all day Friday. Neil and I were just waiting on her to start throwing up. Sure enough, around 7:00, all over the kitchen floor. It didn't put her down in between though. She would walk to the toilet, throw up, say "Done", and walk away and keep playing. It was almost funny. We gave her the option at bedtime to sleep with us and she chose to sleep in her bed. Neil and I pulled out the video monitor and listened to her all night. She never got sick again.

Saturday, March 6, 2011: We all woke up feeling much better. Other then just being a little tired we were all better and there was no more throwing up. We all spent the day cleaning. I was obsessed with getting all the sheets, bed spreads, towels, and clothes washed and dried. I wanted to open up all the windows, but the weather didn't allow for it. By Saturday night we were all back to normal and able to eat.

Just wanted to document one of the hardest days so far in being a parent. Tyrus and Mary were so good and so well behaved. I think they knew that we didn't feel good.
Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Tingle and Mom for all your help!! We admit that we can be complete babies when we are sick and we wouldn't know what to do without you!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Mitchell has this a few weeks ago but worse.. he was going at both ends!!! AND our washer broke!!..

Lisa and Joel