Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serious Smooshface

Well, the last of the "Fab 5" is getting married. Our sweet Amber is walking down the aisle to marry Steven on April 16th! Her family hosted a shower for her today. For obvious reasons, we do not get together nearly enough. However, when we do it's like old times. The only one missing today was Tanya.

So, her entire family and future family was at this thing and there was a segment of the shower where we all went around and told our favorite memory of Amber. She came up to us before it began and asked us please to not embarrass her. I considered doing it anyway, but my maturity won out and I told everyone how when we lived together in Athens that Amber was the Mother of the group and always took care of all of us. Steven is such a lucky man! By the way, the reason I look ridiculously happy in the picture above is because we were all laughing so hard that we were crying. Hense the name...serious smooshface.

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