Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Paci

I thought that babies were supposed to have pacifiers when they were infants and then as they grew you got rid of it? Isn't that right? It figures that our little Mary would be different. She only rarely took a paci as an infant and never grew attached to it. Tyrus was the same way. They both just sucked their thumbs. The only time that Mary even cared about a paci was when Ellen was around. For example, when we were in Florida. As soon as she saw Ellen with her paci she immediately took one of Ellen's and kept it the entire time we were there.

Isn't that crazy? She can go forever without even thinking about it, but when she saw Ellen with it she was so attached to it that she took it everywhere! We were always able to leave Ellen without the paci though. That is until January 2011 and our trip to Raleigh...

This purple and pink paci has been our enemy since we got home. Ellen was a little sweetheart and let her favorite girl cousin have her paci to take home with her. Now, Mary has to have it to go to sleep. Thankfully, she doesn't take it out of the house. She only wants it at nap time and bedtime, but I'm not sure what I would do if she wanted it more! It's crazy how long a parent will spend looking for a paci because their child won't go to sleep without it! The other night I spent 45 minutes looking for it and after I finally convinced her to go to sleep using the old paci I found her paci in the pocket of my robe! The old paci is yellow and white and Mary refuses to use it unless it's an emergency. She LOVES her purple and pink paci. When she woke up the morning after our 45 minute hunt and saw that I had found her favorite paci she got so excited! I heard "Dank you Mama!" Sweet makes her so happy.
Neil went to Ohio this week for work and promised to bring the kids an "Ohio Treat". Tyrus got a train that he loves and Mary go another purple and pink paci. I wish I had a camera so that I could remember her face when Neil gave it to her..."Papi!! Dank you Dada!"

Who invented the paci anyways? Who's idea was it to make all different kinds and colors of pacifiers? Why can't they all be the same kind and color? Obviously, the person that did come up with that ingenious idea was not a parent who had spent hours looking for their child's favorite "Papi".

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Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Ellen has another purple and pink paci, looks the same as Mary's. So she has two that she will accept - blue and purple. Purple is our backup. But I can relate. The other night at 1am Jeff and I spent 45 min looking for blue! I finally found purple and that was good enough. We found blue the next morning in ellen's footed pj's, down by her foot! I am tempted to buy some backups, but i'm hoping she is weaned soon, so never do... but always regret that decision at bedtime when we can't find it! love that pics of the girls : ) we should frame it.