Thursday, September 16, 2010


Where the crap have I been? I'm not really sure, but this blog has remained on the back of my mind and I am determined to pick it up again. I really want to use this thing to remember big events and small events. I feel like all I've been posting are the "firsts" that Ty has experienced lately. That's all good, but they do things everyday that I want to remember and I have to start blogging them again. For example, I will probably want to remember how the other night Mary threw a MAJOR tantrum and screamed in my ear for at least 20 minutes. I mean, Neil and I were both trying to calm her down, but we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and I don't think she really knew either. It is a constant battle with our little "Diva", but it is one of my favorite things about her. She is 100% in everything that she does. She gives 100% when she loves you and she gives 100% to her tantrums. I really hope that trait comes in handy one day!

I will also want to remember how the other night the 4 of us went out in the backyard to kick the soccer ball with Tyrus and after 5 minutes Tyrus was in the woods looking for bugs and Mary continued to kick the soccer ball up and down the yard with me and Neil.

Another great one is how Neil scared the CRAP out of Mary the other night. Not literally, but I only heard it and it was funny to me. Mary was totally pissed at him for doing it too. She slapped him...and screamed in his ear. :) A brief description is that Mary was hunched down on her heels trying to look under the refrigerator (?) and Neil came around the corner and scared her so bad that she fell backwards on the kitchen floor. He immediately picked her up, but he was laughing so hard that it made her mad.

We have a new sitter for the babies and she ROCKS!!!!! We hated to leave Andria last year, but I finally feel like we have found someone that feels like "home" in that she reminds me a lot of Andria. It also helps that the kids kick and scream when they have to leave with me everyday. Seriously? Yep, they don't want to leave her house! What the crap is that all about? It makes me happy that they love it there so much. My very good friend Melissa really stepped up when we were in a bind and watched them for us. We both appreciated it so much, but I hated mixing "business" with friendship. Now, someone new is watching them and loving on them and we are all happy, including the old Melissa. I should also mention that the new sitter is named Melissa too so it was a very easy transition for the kids going from one "Mrs. Melissa" to another "Mrs. Melissa".

I think the coolest and biggest update in the last few weeks is Tyrus going to school. He is really soaking up everything about numbers and letters. He is also more willing to tell me about his day now. I love sitting at the table or riding in the car with him and hearing about his day. They are teaching them their letters and he is really thriving with them. He is constantly asking me what something starts with and when I make the sound of that particular letter he will shout the letter. For example,

Ty: "Mama, what does grass start with?"
Me: "Guh, guh..."
Ty: "G!"

We have some form of this conversation about 389 times a day (remember I don't see him for 8 hours of the day) and he gets it right more often than not. For only being in school since the middle of August I think he is doing awesome. I am so proud of him. We are still working on the writing thing, but he gets a little better everyday.

Last night as I was tucking him into bed he asked me to "puddle" with him for a little bit. So, I crawled into bed with him and we snuggled as he read me a book. Actually, it was a book that I have read to him so much he pretty much knows it by heart. I love him so much and I know that there will be days that he will not want to "puddle" with his Mama. I'm going to be so sad when that day comes. When I'm exhausted at night and all I want to do is go to bed I have to tell myself that these days are fleeting. The days that their faces light up and they run to give you a hug when they see you or the days where they want you to hold them and "puddle" will one day end.

Maybe, when that day comes I'll have this blog to remember these days.

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