Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soccer 2010

After the experience that we had with T-Ball I'm a little surprised that we had the guts to take a go at it again with Soccer. But, Ty has been saying that he wanted to play soccer for months. Even during T-Ball season when we would drive past a soccer field he would tell us that he wanted to play soccer. It worked out really REALLY well because we got him on a team with Walker and J.P.. They were both on his t-ball team and J.P.'s Dad was an assistant coach and is now his soccer coach. Ty knows him and he knows Ty so it works out well.
Neil took Ty to his first practice last week, but it was the morning that Shanna and the kids were leaving so I didn't go. I took him to today's practice. It took him a few minutes to warm up to the idea and he was clinging to me telling me he didn't want to play. I told him that I would stay with him the whole time and that made him feel better. So, we got in line and were waiting for Ty's turn to kick the ball down the field and back. Walker was in front of us so the boys started talking and right before Ty took his turn I snuck away and he didn't notice!

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