Monday, July 26, 2010


"Ben Den" - Ben 10 (Bubba's favorite show)
"MaMo" - Ms. Melissa
"Boat" - Boat
"I unno" - "I don't know" A better way to describe is to say she is humming "I don't know".
"Hot" - when something feels hot to the touch or even cold sometimes.
"Dat" - pointing something out
"Done" - when she is finished eating
"Uh huh" - yes
"Nooooooooo" - said in a very whiney tone when she really doesn't want something (time out)
"Dada" - she says this whenever something is broken or she needs help. Dada can solve any problem!
"Ma" - Mom
"Moo Moo" - meaning Lu Lu or any dog
"Dy" or "Bubba"
"Meow" - cat
"Mone" - means "Come on" and she waves her hand for you to follow her.
"A-in" - means "again"
"Mwah" - means "I love you"
"Heddo" - Hello

"mmmm mmmmm mmmmm?" - For anything she can't say

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