Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Game

The Salem Mustangs had their last game yesterday morning. It was a little sad to think that we may never see some of these sweet faces again. I've become attached to all the kids and their parents.
Coach Mike gathered all the kids after their game and told them how proud he was of them. He even started crying. We made sure to get a picture of Tyrus with his very first coach...

Tyrus definitely made coach Mike work hard and I know that it had to be frustrating at times. Whenever I wanted to pull Ty out Coach Mike would tell us to just stick with it and he would eventually get it. It took most of the season, but he finally did get it and was actually enjoying himself the last few games.
I think Coach Mike will secretly miss Tyrus...

Neil was the photographer during the game and I thought it was a typo when I looked at the camera and saw that he took 605 pictures! The game only lasts an hour! So, I'm just going to post some of the pictures on the blog (you're welcome).

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