Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Did It!!

When Tyrus woke up yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for work, I mentioned to him that he had a T-Ball game to go to when I got home from work. I have always tried to prepare him for his games in advance because I never know how he'll act about them. After I mentioned it to him yesterday he went on watching T.V. as I got ready and then he told me, "Mama, can I get the game ball tonight?" I told him that he could get the game ball if he listened to his coaches, went after the ball when they were hit, and hit the ball and ran the bases. I also told him that it was really easy to get the game ball if he just went out there and had fun. After I told him all this he said, "I'm gonna get the game ball tonight". Honestly, I thought "yeah right", but I tried to encourage him. When I got home and we headed to the field we talked about it on the way there and he was still talking about getting the game ball.

He started out with is usual behavior of holding his glove over his face and not doing anything that the coach asked him to do. However, when the game started he got two hits, one pitched to him and one off the tee, he stopped and threw a ball that was hit to him, and he tackled a little boy on the other team. Yeah, I said tackle and, no, this isn't football. Ty was playing second and when the ball was hit the first baseman, JP, ran to get it. The coach told Ty to run to first to cover the base and he took it very seriously. So seriously that he couldn't' stop and ran full force into a kid that was easily twice his weight. He knocked the other kid down and the other kid cried. Ty cried too, but got over it much faster than the other boy. I'm just saying.

After the game the team met for their usual huddle. Ty sat right next to Coach Mike and I was watching him the entire time. He was listening to every word that the coach was saying.

FINALLY - the coach handed Ty the ball!!!

I didn't hear what his reasoning was for giving Ty the ball, but all I can say is that he deserved it. I know its corny and its only a T-Ball game ball, but I really had to hold back tearing up when I saw how happy he was. The first thing he did was turn and look for me to show me.
Now I have to order him one of those glove trophies that he can always display his first game ball on.
I am so proud of him!


Bobbie T said...

Great story and beautifully told by a proud Momma! Good job, Tyrus!!

Lisa said...

Love the story too! I tear up seeing how Happy trent is when he does something he is proud of. ps~ You should get a ballholder for his first gameball. They have them at Michael's/Hobby Lobby etc. Then watch his collection grow. 1st homerun, 1st grandslam etc.... how exciting.