Thursday, February 05, 2009

"What's That?"
Tyrus vomited for the first time EVER today. I know that is not somehting totally monumental or anything, but he did make it over 2 1/2 years. Neil said that they took a nap together upstairs and he got up to go downstairs and feed Mary. While he was feeding Mary, Tyrus came walking down the steps and sat on the bottom step and just stared at him. He had already thrown up once earlier so Neil could tell it was about to happen again. He just told him, "go ahead buddy and let it out, Dada will clean it up." Right at the moment Tyrus let it rip and then looked down at his chest and asked, "What's that Dada?". My POOR BABY!! We called the doctor and they said that there is a bug going around right now and when Neil took Tyrus to the doctor last week that every kid in the waiting room had it. Tyrus picked it up then. Hopefully it will not last too long.

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