Sunday, January 04, 2009

Our Little Man...
That is exactly what Tyrus has become right before our eyes. Ever since Mary came home he has blossomed into this awesome little dude that thinks and speaks and has complete conversations with us. Here is a random sampling of the things that come out of his mouth...

"Did you hear that Mama?" - He will say this when he hears a train in the distance or a Fire Truck. He will say it 210 times until you acknowledge it with either a shake of your head or a "I heard it Tyrus!"

"I play with GeoTrax first" - The little stinker has learned to make deals with us. If we ask him to do something he will say this. For example, "Tyrus, time for a bath" he will say, "Okay, I play with GeoTrax first".

"Okay" - This comes out like "OOOOKAAAAY". Tonight he was in his room and I yelled that dinner was ready and I heard this yelled right back to me.

"Its okay Baby" - He says this when Mary is fussy and he even will pat her on the back.

"Hmmmm, Hmmmm" - Let me explain...When I am in Ty's room and we are playing GeoTrax I am constantly trying to come up with new track ideas. So, I will usually find myself thinking out loud and apparently I make this sound. The other day I was watching Ty play with his tracks and he was doing this.

"I fix it, Mama!" - He says this after he resets Mary's swing. He is extremely proud of himself because he knows what button to press.

"I broke this" - when some of his pieces come apart he things he broke them - poor baby!

"Where my friends go?" - when he is the first person to get to Andria's.

"Gammaw at beach" - when we are watching T.V. and he sees a beach he automatically assumes that it is Grandma's beach.

"What's that Mama?" - When he hears something and doesn't know what it is.

"I eat some, I eat lunch" - when he is hungry.

"Where my cold milk go" - when he lost his cup.

and my favorite..."MAMA!!" - when he cannot find me he will walk around the house yelling this.

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