Thursday, January 01, 2009

Meet Bryson James Tingle

We finally were able to meet our newest addition over the holidays. Bryson James Tingle was born just a couple of weeks after our Mary Lauren. He is a very chill little guy.
On Thursday we decided to go to Neil's parents house to visit with Owen, Amber, Riley, Kenna, and Bryson before they left on Friday morning. The kids had so much fun playing together. We timed their naps perfectly with the UGA Bowl game. When their naps, and the game, were over we went outside and let them burn some energy. The Tingle's yard has to be the coolest place on earth for kids. I mean there are animals, creeks, woods, trails, and all sorts of places to play. I've been in the family for a few years and yesterday I went to a part of the yard that I had never been to. After we all played outside the kids watched The Little Mermaid on Owen's computer and then we ate. It was a great day spent with Owen and Amber and the kids. We can't wait until Easter when they come back.