Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little Stinker
The other day we were driving in the car when Ty said, "Mama, my ear hurt". I asked him which ear hurt and he pointed to his right ear. I asked him if it hurt on the inside or outside and he said, "outside, right". So, when we got to where we were going to inspected his right ear and didn't see anything. I asked him a couple of hours later if it still hurt and he immediately put his hand to his right ear and said, "right". At this point all I could do was give him some Tylenol and watch his temp because it was the weekend. Well, on Monday every time I asked him if his ear still hurt he would say, "right". He had not run a temperature yet so I figured if he did have an ear infection it would not be that bad. Mary was scheduled to have her two month appointment (a month late) today. I called the doctor and they said that the doctor could see them both at the same time. Neil took them this morning. Mary weighs 16 pounds and got 3 shots! POOR POOR BABY!! As for my other baby, the doctor seems to think that he is trying to get attention by saying that he has a boo boo. She said that there is absolutely no infection in either one of his ears. In fact, Neil said that when Ty realized that they were at the doctor he said, "boo boo no hurt, boo boo no hurt". I have no idea why this child would need anymore attention then he already gets from both of us, but I guess he feels neglected. Maybe it is going to Andria's and not being with me all day anymore. Regardless, he is feeling something and it is mine and Neil's job to reassure him that Mary is not getting anymore or any less attention then he is getting.

Tyrus, you little stinker, I love you!