Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, work went great yesterday! I think that I am really going to love my new position. My official title is "Special Assets Associate". I have my own office, voicemail, internet, work email address. I know this is old news to most people, but it is all new to me. Yesterday and today were spent setting up my office and meeting with Jerry a lot about what I will be doing. Jerry is the Special Assets Manager and I report directly to him. I am really excited about this new beginning.

Now, for the babies. They are doing so well at Andria's. I knew they would because Andria is great herself. Whenever I drop Ty off, now both of them, I am always fearful that when I get there to pick him up he either will not remember me or will not want anything to do with me. Yesterday when I got there to pick them up Ty just about tackled me he hugged me so hard. I couldn't help but laugh at how happy I was. One, he was happy. Two, he remembered me. :) Anria said that they both did really well for their first day. Ty had to be reminded of the rules a couple of times, but for being out so long he did great. Mary was awake for most of the day because she knew that something was different and wanted to take everything in. Andria said that whenever any of the boys went over to look at "baby" Ty would walk over and stand next to her like he was protecting her. This morning I told Ty that he was going back to Dri's today and he said, "baby go to Dri's too Mama?".

I love working, but I also love the separation between home and work. I miss Tyrus and Mary soooooo bad when I'm at work, but I know that they are in a very safe and happy place and that they are with people that adore them almost as much as Neil and I do. I think that something that I will have to get used to is coming home, after working all day, and cooking and cleaning whatever Ty messes up after we've been home for 30 seconds. Last night I managed to get both babies fed, Ty bathed, and I cooked spaghetti! Woo Hoo for me! Now, cleaning Ty's bedroom where it looks someone vomited GeoTrax is a completely different story. :) I'll just keep the door closed!


Bobbie said...

I was so excited to move into my office. It's actually the ONLY space in my entire world that is completely mine. I share the bedroom with Peyton and the rest of the house with the kids. I am so glad you had this to look forward to...it had to make going back so much easier. I'm really excited for your new adventure.

Shanna from BabySchrades said...

I wish I had my own office! I'm glad you'll have internet now though - no more going to that girl's office.

Love you - shan

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