Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Incident...
Today we planned on meeting Melissa, Walker, and Aden at the Choo Choo Park. The boys had a lot of fun playing together. Towards the end of the visit we decided to go on a walk and we ended up at another playground. The boys played there for a while and then we decided to go to McDonald's for lunch. Tyrus and Walker ran ahead and then they got distracted by some hay. Tyrus picked up a handful and threw it. Then suddenly he was screaming and holding his little hands to his face. I took off running thinking that he had gotten a piece of hay in his eye. However, when I got to him I realized how wrong I was. He was COVERED in ants. They were all over his face and in his hair and on his shirt. He must have picked up a handful of them when he reached his hand in there. I immediately started yelling to Melissa and stripping Tyrus. Melissa got to us and started helping us. We were both slapping him to get the ants off. Finally, we got all the ants off and we had a naked crying little boy. I put him on a blanket and comforted him while I changed his diaper and Melissa cleaned his face. Then we put him in the stroller with Aden in nothing but his diaper. Luckily, the ants were only small black ants and they didn't bite him. I stopped and bought some Benadryl anyways. Our lunch date to McDonald's was called off for today and we Tyrus, Mary and I drove to Mom's. It was the only thing I could say to him to calm him down. I promised him french fries and Mom's house. After we got to Mom's he took a bath and then took a nap. When he woke up I asked him if he was okay and he said, "I okay".
When we got home and Neil got home I took Tyrus into his room to tuck him into bed. We were lying there reading a book when Neil walked in and put Mary in the bed with us. Then Lu Lu joined the gang. You can tell that Tyrus felt better by his facial expressions and Mary seemed to really be interested in the pictures.
I'm exhausted.

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