Monday, December 08, 2008

Ty is obsessed with GeoTrax right now. This is what Santa will be bringing him for Christmas because it is all he ever thinks about. He even takes his trains to bed with him. We really came across them by accident. He was at Neil's parents house and they bought him a little train to play with. That is where the obsession began, but now it is full blown and Neil is even involved. You can never stop buying this stuff. They sale extra tracks and all kinds of accessories and trains. The point is to build a GeoTrax city. You can even go on YouTube and see Trax that kids have built. It is 100% a boy toy because I tried to get creative and build a track and all I could get to work was a stupid oval. Neil came home and in five seconds had an awesome track with a bridge and everything. Oh well, at least Mary will play with dolls - I can handle them. :)

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