Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yesterday I had a Doctor's appointment and when I came home I was welcomed by a surprise party! It was just Neil, Mama, Tyrus, Mary, and Lu Lu, but who else would I rather spend my birthday with? Neil is so sweet. After he got home with Mary from her Doctor he ran out to the grocery store and set all this up before I got home. After this Neil and I went out to dinner. I had my first beer since January! It was delicious! However, I definately felt "tipsy" afterwards. Neil is working late for the next 10 days so we celebrated a day early.


Meg Boyd said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Heather said...

Jennifer - you have such a sweet and beautiful family! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, girl! We miss you here at work, but sounds like things are great at home. :-)

Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday. Remember last year, the day after Christmas when all of us (sister-in-laws) sat at the dining room table and wrote down the birthday's and addresses of each person in the family. I never brought mine home. Tell Neil, that I was counting on him to put together that great 'surprise' cheat sheet for all of us that never came. I don't know if I'll ever quit laughing over him trying to get us to quit copying down that info. So here I am, one year later, without addresses or birthdays. Guess we'll have to do it all over again this year. My kids all send their love and Birthday wishes to Aunt Jennifer. We love you and so happy that you are home and healthy. Bobbie