Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 1/2 Years Ago...
Tyrus Benjamin was born! It is really strange to me how you turn around one day and your baby has grown into a little boy. Tyrus has blossomed since Mary Lauren was born. Neil and I can actually have a conversation with him. He is always amazing us with what he knows and what he can understand. So much so that we often say to each other, "We have ourselves a really cool little kid". For example, today we were in the car driving up to Mom's house and the entire way up here he was telling me what everything is and what color it is. We were at a red light and he said, "Mama red light about to turn green". Then when it turned green and we drove away he said, "bout to turn yellow". Did he just notice that after hours of being in the car with us? We usually don't have lessons on stop lights and what they do. He does something new and great everyday it seems. I have been spending a lot of time with him since I've been on maternity leave and I love when Neil comes home because I can share a story with him about what Ty did that day. Sometimes Tyrus will even tell his Daddy what he did. Neil is the same way. Whenever they go off for the day to share in some adventure Neil will come home with several little stories to tell me and you can tell how proud he is of his boy.

I think one of the greatest things about Tyrus is his facial expressions and his heart. I wish that I could capture his cute little face when we say, "Guess what we're going to do today?" His eyes get wide and his tilts his head to the side in anticipation of what the day will bring. It is really cute when he shrugs his shoulders at the same time. The night that I got sick I had a little episode where I was sitting in the recliner holding Mary and crying because I didn't feel well at all and I had no idea what was going on. Tyrus was so concerned about me. He crawled up in my lap and patted my cheeks and said, "No cry Mama, no cry". Then when I stopped crying he said, "Okay Mama?". He does the same thing when Mary is crying. He first runs to me yelling, "baby is crying" and then he will run back to her and say, "no cry baby".

Tyrus is our little vegetarian. I think the kid could live off of fruits and vegetables and "cold milk" as he calls it. He loves grapes, apples or "babbles", oranges, pasta, sandwiches or "lunch", chips, and he has a enormous sweet tooth. He loves doughnuts or "gonuts" and will often grab them from the grocery shelf without me seeing and throw them in the cart. When I do try and give him meat he just picks at it or will tell me "eww grosse" and refuse to eat it. I was the same way when I was little.

Tyrus goes to bed between 9:00 and 10:00 and my favorite time of day is right before he goes to bed and is winding down. We will usually get in our bed and watch cartoons. It is the only time that he really stops going 100 mph and will actually cuddle a little bit. He will cuddle really close and suck his thumb and with this index finger he will stroke his nose up and down. Neil and I have often snuck into his room after he has gone to sleep and he will be doing this in his sleep. It obviously comforts him. The next morning he will not get out of his bed until one of us goes in to get him. When we open the door he will jump up and say, "I wake, I get up!".

I know that this is a random sampling of Tyrus today, but I was at the doctor today and realized that he was 2 1/2 today and wanted to just devote a little blog to him.

Tyrus, your Dada and I love you so much. You are too small to understand just how much, but one day when you are a Dada you will. You bring so much joy to our lives everyday. You have made us realize that it is the small things in life that make it worth living. Like throwing rocks into the lake to see the splash or licking the icing off your fingers after icing a cake. We have loved every single minute since you were born and cannot wait to watch you grow. Please continue to be as sweet and loving as you are now and I hope you never lose that smile.
I love you sweet boy,

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