Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Big Boy
Look at how big he looks! Neil and I said tonight that he looked like a five year old. I took him to get a haircut yesterday. He was sooooo good it really surprised me. The stylist asked me if he was my only child and I told her that he actually was a new big brother. She asked Tyrus what his new baby sister's name was and he said, "baby". She then asked where his sister was and he said, "night night". Mary was at home with Neil sleeping.
They had a few toys at Great Clips. One of them was a school bus that had seen better days, but Ty enjoyed playing with it while she was cutting his hair. I was concerned that he would want to take it home. However, when we got ready to leave he placed the school bus back in the toy box and said, "bye bye school bus" and waved. A few ladies that were waiting told me how sweet, cute, and smart my son was. They also couldn't believe that he was only 2 1/2 years old. I love these special memories that I am able to make with him. Even though it was only a haircut it meant so much to me to be there with him and it will be a memory that I will never forget.

Neil and I have finally made Ty realize that if he wants Lu Lu to give him kisses that he shouldn't touch her, but just put his face down towards hers. She just runs when she sees his hands reaching towards her.

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