Friday, November 14, 2008

First Outing
Yesterday Neil was only going to be away from the house for half a day. So, I decided to Keep Tyrus at home. After Neil left I decided that we all needed to get out of the house and it was time to see how hard it would be to take both kids somewhere by myself. My thoughts were that I could take them to the bank because everyone there loves Ty and it would be an easy transition. Tyrus is such a big boy that I can carry Mary's carrier and let him walk to and from the car. He can get in his car seat by himself too. When we got to the bank he immediately went to the loan department to see all the ladies that adore him. He was very excited to show everyone his "baby". After about 45 minutes I was thinking it was time for our next stop - Babies R Us. This was going to be the big challenge because it was getting close to Mary's eating time. Right as we were about to leave Ty REALLY messed in his diaper and Mary started screaming. AND as I was gathering their things to leave I noticed that it was raining outside. YAY! So, I got them safely in the car and immediately called Mom to rescue me. We went to her house and I able to recharge the batteries (change a messy diaper and feed a baby). I was getting ready to take them to Babies R Us when Mom suggested that I leave Ty with her and just take Mary. OKAY! So, our first outing didn't go exactly as I planned, but I did get everything done and we all made it home in one piece.

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