Friday, November 07, 2008

100 Things
I was doing my daily "Ghost Blogging" today and I came across a blog where the author wrote 100 random facts about herself just to see if she could do it. I thought it was really interesting and I decided that I would try to do it, but I would make Tyrus and Mary the subject. Here we go...
1. Ty's middle name is Benjamin
2. Mary's middle name is Lauren
3. Ty is 2 1/2 years old
4. Mary will be 4 weeks old in two days
5. Ty's eyes were blue when he was born and they are still blue with a hint of green
6. Mary's eyes are a very dark blue
7. Ty was born at 6:19 in the morning
8. Mary was born at 8:49 in the morning
9. Ty was 20 inches long
10. Mary was 19 inches long
11. Ty got a haircut today
12. Mary was born with a head full of dark hair
13. Ty looked like Neil when he was born
14. My mom says that Mary looks like my sister's baby pictures
15. Ty now looks like me
16. Ty sleeps in a big boy bed
17. Mary sleeps in our arms
18. Mary loves to sleep on her Daddy's chest
19. Ty loves to wrestle with his Daddy
20. Ty is at his Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house tonight
21. Ty is obsessed with Bulldozers and Tractors
22. Mary pretty much only cares about my chest
23. Mary is just now starting to like her swing
24. Ty kisses Mary's head approximately 347 times a day
25. Ty would live outside if we let him
26. Mary met everyone at my work yesterday
27. Ty was born a week late
28. Mary was born a week early
29. Mary grunts all the time
30. Ty eats a pop sickle every night before he goes to bed
31. Ty loves cucumbers
32. Mary can breastfeed and take a bottle
33. Mary hates when her diaper is wet
34. Ty is stubborn when it comes to potty training
35. Ty and Mary have 17 first cousins
36. The louder Ty is the better Mary sleeps
37. Ty is very concerned when Mary crys
38. Ty loves Transformers right now
39. Ty sleeps with his toys at night
40. Ty is an excellent climber
41. I'll be surprised if Ty doesn't need stitches somewhere before his 3rd birthday
42. Ty has a major sweet tooth
43. Mary farts like a grown man
44. You couldn't tell when Ty farted
45. Ty was fed formula
46. We supplement one formula bottle a day with Mary
47. Mary knows her Daddy's voice and looks for it when she hears it
48. We can bribe Ty with lollipops
49. Ty loves to watch videos of babies on other blogs
50. Ty's favorite T.V. is Sponge Bob right now
51. Ty's favorite place to play is the "Choo Choo Park"
52. Ty is obsessed with bugs
53. Ty's shoes size is 9
54. Mary has never worn shoes
55. Ty is wearing 4T clothing
56. Mary barely fits in 0-3 months
57. Ty loves pasta
58. He also loves shrimp
59. Ty calls Mary "Baby"
60. Ty's room is decorated in red and black (UGA)
61. Mary's room is green, white, and pink
62. Ty hugs my neck every night and says, "luh you Mama"
63. Ty has a bath every night and he loves bubbles
64. Ty was scared of the water the last time we went to the beach
65. I was pregnant with Mary the last time we went to the beach
66. Ty was a very pleasant surprise
67. Mary was also a very pleasant surprise
68. Ty pronounces Backhoe "butthole"
69. Ty has an amazing memory
70. Ty likes the show "Jon and Kate plus 8"
71. Ty destroys his bedroom everyday
72. Ty walked at 14 months
73. Ty never stops talking
74. Ty sucks his thumb
75. Mary has sucked her thumb a couple of times
76. Neither one of them were ever crazy about pacifiers
77. Ty goes to Russ and Andria's house everyday
78. Ty's best friends over there are Aiden and Ty Ty
79. Ty drinks whole milk and juice
80. Ty loves applesauce
81. Mary likes to be held upright instead of on her back
82. Mary also likes it when her Daddy pats her butt
83. Ty scratched his face and had to wear gloves
84. Mary has only scratched her face once
85. Mary is very demanding
86. Ty was extremely laid back
87. Ty slept through the night around 12 weeks
88. I have no idea when Mary will
89. Ty calls Lu Lu "Wu Wu"
90. Ty calls his Grandma "Gammaw"
91. Ty doesn't like to talk on the phone
92. Ty loves to ride in the car shopping carts they have at grocery stores
93. Ty is extremely independent
94. Mary is starting to hold her head up
95. Ty takes two vitamins a day
96. Ty loves to watch T.V. in our big bed
97. Mary is sleeping in her crib right now
98. Mary has on purple socks right now
99. If you tell Tyrus that he is a baby he says, "I no baby, I Tyrus"
100. Mary always looks for Ty when she hears his voice

Okay, I did it. I know its pretty random stuff, but it was harder then it looked.

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Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Jenn, that was fun to read. I may try it... looks like it took a lot of time, but if I copy your pattern then it will be easier : )

Love you - Shan