Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sharing Toys
Our very good friends gave us this Elmo toy when Tyrus was a baby. Tyrus LOVED it. He would sit under it for hours if I let him and when it transitioned to a sit up toy he would sit and play with it for hours if I let him. It was so sweet because he would giggle at everything. Anyways, tonight we decided to see how Mary Lauren would react to it. When we first put Mary under it and started the music Tyrus ran into the room because he remembered the music. We thought he would get jealous, but he was totally into letting Mary Lauren play with it and showing her what to look at. Every time Mary's head would fall to the side he would put his hand on her cheek and push her head back up so that she could see. Then he decided that wasn't good enough and crawled underneath with her to share the fun. Mary Lauren just stared at him the whole time they were under there together. I really don't think that Mary Lauren could have asked for a better big brother.

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