Saturday, December 01, 2007

Monday is my birthday - the big 27! Anyways, I woke up on Friday morning and got ready for work. Neil had the day off so he and Ty were still sleeping soundly. As I was walking to the door I noticed something by the door. It was a balloon and a card. The balloon said "Happy Birthday" and the card said that this was the beginning of my birthday weekend! They also supplied me with a bag of my favorite candy and some chapstick (because I am obsessed with the stuff). It really made my day. When I got home on Friday night I started cooking dinner and when I turned around Ty was standing behind me with a gift in his hands. It was packaged with a sweet little bow on it and a card that said "Happy Birthday Mama - Love Ty". He got me the greatest hits from Garth Brooks! I must say that the kid has great taste in music. We've been listening to it all morning and Ty just dances all around the house to it. I am REALLY spoiled!

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Shanna from BabySchrades said...

Happy Birthday Weekend!!!

Love - Shan